Macclesfield magnet for sculpture lovers

Macclesfield magnet for sculpture lovers

A nine-day demonstration by 12 “emerging ” South Australian sculptors – inspired and directed by internationally acclaimed sculptor Silvio Apponyi – will be held at Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills next month.

What promises to be a spectacular and family-friendly event will be launched by former SA Minister for the Arts, Diana Laidlaw, at the town’s picturesque Crystal Lake Park on Saturday April 11 and the demonstration will run for nine days.

Several of the participants were previously mentored by Mr Apponyi who has sold and exhibited his works in many parts of the world and who draws much of his inspiration from Australian wildlife.

“All of these largely unknown, emerging sculptors do outstanding work and I think it’s terrific that they can display their talents in public like this – and in such a glorious setting.”

Mr Apponyi believes there are too few art works, including sculptures, in public places in South Australia and his hope – with the Crystal Lake Park event – is that it will allow the sculptors to “shine and really show us what they are capable of”

“I am sure the Macclesfield event will create a lot of interest in the Hills community and broader Adelaide. The participants – and a lot of other people I have spoken to – are genuinely excited about what we have planned,” he said

Visitors to Crystal Lake Park will be able to picnic or simply wander as marble masterpieces emerge from mainly local stone in a beautiful setting.

About half of the sculptures to be created are available to be sponsored by businesses in the Adelaide Hills; and it’s hoped that some of the remaining works will stay permanently at the park to complement the existing and much- admired “Water Song” by Japanese sculptor Yoshin Ogata.

Refreshments will be available and there will also be an art exhibition and competition for poets and story tellers. Creative activities for primary school aged children will be held on 16th to 18th April

Entry to Sculptors@Crystal Lake (April 11-19) is by gold coin donation.

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