Sculptors @ Crystal Lake Symposium 2017

Sculptors in the 2017 Sculptors @ Crystal Lake Symposium were

Silvio Apponyi – Artistic Director  “Spriggina floundersi ” to be installed at the University of Adelaide

Ben Tolhurst  “Soaring Prospect”   installed at Prospect Hill.

Peter Syndicas  “Chardonnay” installed at Longview vineyard.

Tim Spooner  “Cube” installed at Totness/ Mt Barker.

Jina Lee  “Something and nothing ” installed at Erne Sconce Park, Prospect.

Barry Lincoln  “Udder cheese”   installed at Crystal Lake Park.

John Nelson  “Anenome” installed at Crystal Lake Park.

Marijan Bekic  “Rose” installed at Davenport Square, Macclesfield.

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