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The 2019 Sculptors @ Crystal Lake People’s Choice, Winning Sculptor

John Nelson “Beneath” made of Macclesfield Marble

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake symposium 2017 Sculpture locations

Silvio Apponyi – Artistic Director: “Spriggina floundersi ” to be installed at the University of Adelaide

Ben Tolhurst: “Soaring Prospect”   installed at Prospect Hill.

Peter Syndicas: “Chardonnay” installed at Longview vineyard.

Tim Spooner: “Cube” installed at Totness/ Mt Barker.

Jina Lee: “Something and nothing ” installed at Erne Sconce Park, Prospect.

Barry Lincoln:“Udder cheese”   installed at Crystal Lake Park.

John Nelson: “Anenome” installed at Crystal Lake Park.

Marijan Bekic: “Rose” installed at Davenport Square, Macclesfield.


Sculptors @ Crystal Lake symposium 2015 Sculpture locations

Silvio Apponyi – Artistic Director

Quentin Gore: “River Stones”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Ruth Gregor: “Sail Away”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Barry Lincoln:“Rock, ice, water”   installed at Adelaide Hills Getaway, Macclesfield.

Astra Parker: “Awakening”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Sally Wickes: “Liquid”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Ben Tolhurst: “Macclesfield”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Peter Syndicas:“Shiraz crown (cutting)” installed at Longview vineyard.

John Nelson: “Hill and Stream ll”  on loan.

Timothy Spooner: “Soul Beacon”  installed at the Stirling Organic Market

Evan Marker: “Eagleness” installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Shereen Rankine: “Ngarrunga – Kaurna woman (with respect)  installed at the foyer District Council of Mt Barker.

Emad El Mairy: “Cohesion”  installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Celebrating nature in the Stone Sculpture Workshops

Come and try your hand at stone sculpting at the Stone Sculpting Workshops being held at the symposium on 6,7, 13 and 14 April 2019 from 10 am to 3 pm. The workshop theme will be highlighting nature with a display about our native wildlife and plants in the park and a touch table to help inspire your creativity.

Prior booking and donation of $25 essential.

Prospect Hill Soaring to new heights

The Official unveiling of the Sculptors @ Crystal Lake sculpture “Soaring Prospect” will be held this Sunday November 4th, 10am at Prospect Hill by the honorable Mayor Ann Ferguson.

The impressive 2.7 metre black granite sculpture sits on the hill at the entrance to this historic township. It was an incredible achievement by the talented sculptor Ben Tolhurst to have carved such a large sculpture over only 9 days during the 2017 Sculptors @ Crystal Lake symposium.

The Prospect Hill Community are very fortunate to have commissioned such an asset for their town.

Anyone interested in stone sculpture or commissioning a sculpture, the next Sculptors @ Crystal Lake Symposium will be held at Crystal Lake Sculpture Park Macclesfield 6th – 14th April 2019.

To purchase a sculpture contact info@crystallakepark.com.au

or the Chairperson on 041 983 8742 or Secretary on 045 983 8742


 Next Sculptors@Crystal Lake Event – Saturday 6 April to Sunday 14 April 2019

To be involved or purchase of a sculpture contact info@crystallakepark.com.au

For enquiries contact the Chairperson on 041 983 8742 or Secretary on 045 983 8742





The Macclesfield township has several hotels, a coffee shop and accommodation. Visit the Battunga Country website for further details.