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Spriggina floundersi is to be given new life.

The recent announcement of Spriggina floundersi as South Australia’s new fossil emblem was a welcome surprise for the Sculptors @ Crystal Lake committee. One of the marble sculptures to be carved this April at the Crystal Lake symposium is of the Spriggina floundersi fossil, which is the only Ediacran fossil unique to Australia.

“It will be amazing to see a 3D model of South Australia’s new emblem and one of the first known animals to have lived on the earth 550-million years ago” said event coordinator Keryn Corr.

 Semi-trailer loads of stone will soon arrive at Crystal Lake Park in Macclesfield to be turned into 8 stunning works of art in a unique event of sound, fury and artistic creation over 9 days.

Silvio Apponyi, the artistic director for the event, said “most people have no idea what it takes to create large artwork from stone and this is one way they can watch the whole process unfold.”

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake – Open to the public for nine days beginning Saturday 1st ending Sunday 9th April 2017 between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.


 Next Sculptors@Crystal Lake Event – Saturday 1 April to Sunday 9 April 2017

To be involved or contribute to the purchase of a sculpture contact info@crystallakepark.com.au

For enquiries contact the Secretary 041 983 8742


SALA 2016 Exhibition – Crystal Lake Gallery August 2016

Saturday / Sundays 20/21,  27/28 August 10 am – 4 pm

“FOCUS” – photography, mixed media, works on paper by:

Paul Arbon, Karin Foxwell, Stephen Hardacre, Merrin Stacey, Cate Ellis, Deb Drake

Opening of Crystal Lake Park sculptures – Tuesday 5 April 2016 4.30 – 5.30 pm

The internationally renowned sculptor, Yoshin Ogata  opened the sculptures in Crystal Lake Park on Tuesday 5 April.  Come and view seven of the sculptures created at the 2015 Sculpture event held in the park in April 2015, which are installed in the park.

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake symposium 2015

Silvio Apponyi – Artistic Director

Quentin Gore: “River Stones”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Ruth Gregor: “Sail Away”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Barry Lincoln:“Rock, ice, water”   installed at Adelaide Hills Getaway, Macclesfield.

Astra Parker: “Awakening”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Sally Wickes: “Liquid”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Ben Tolhurst: “Macclesfield”   installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Peter Syndicas: “Shiraz crown (cutting) installed at Longview vineyard.

John Nelson: “Hill and Stream ll”  on loan to the District Council of Mt Barker in the Council library.

Timothy Spooner: “Soul Beacon”  installed at the Stirling Organic Market

Evan Marker: “Eagleness” installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Shereen Rankine: “Ngarrunga – Kaurna woman (with respect)  on loan to the District Council of Mt Barker in the  Council Office.

Emad El Mairy: “Cohesion”  installed in Crystal Lake Park.

Winner of the 2015 Sculptors @ Crystal Lake photo competition is  Peter Knights for this photo of Ben Tolhurst sculpting.

Peter Knights 13


The Macclesfield township has several hotels, a coffee shop and accommodation. Visit the Battunga Country website for further details.